K I L L I N'  I T.

There's nothing like a soft vintage T thrown on with your favorite pair of denim. The kind of T-shirt that just grips you in a warm cottony blanket of, it's OK. 🤗 

I've always had a thing for fashion ➕ a thing for nostalgia. So, thrift shopping and vintage stores are a helluva good time for me. I love applying something fresh to once sad shirts. They deserve a little glory.  

You won't find two of any of these T-shirts. They are curated by me, printed by me then sent to you - so you can save face. 

Because, honestly - we've (well like, most of us..) have been there. And I'm all about supporting others in their journey to getting back up to 💯.


U   G O T   T H I S. 

These pair well with anything. Your birthday suit.. 

knotted & cropped with high waisted whatever.. 

leggings.. over your workout gear..

honestly, the style is yours for the making.


I will tell you this though. You'll be looking damn fly - kinda like you don't give AF + also like reallllyy kewt ✨ And, while you're trying to survive the hangover from hell at least you'll be swaddled in a comfortable, not too abrasive hug.

Kayla Tafoya