3 things you should know



This brand started with a simple state pillow.


Custom Wausau pillows, getting ready for shipment!

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This small business really had no direction at first. Just a maker trying to do something with all the design school years she had banked up. And really, if we’re being honest…pillows were the thing that started it? I was a fashion design student then textile design student. I always did have that dream tho. As a little girl, sewing on my kid sewing machine imagining the small store I would own someday. Cliche, but legit, yo.

I’m not in my own store yet, but I am in other stores..so that’s a thing. 



I love big on the places that have given me my vibe. 

I went to college in California. I did a little stint in Southern CA, not enough to note except for the fact that I met one of the coolest ladies who is now an incredible interior designer(hyperlink to duffystone.com). She is one of the most significant people in my life because I was fresh meat from Wisconsin. I didn’t know a thing about a thing..neither did she really (she was from TX, but was way cooler than I was and had a mini cooper so we would cruise and go to the beach late a night) And I never will forget the first thing she said to me as she walked past me sitting on a bench..”ya’ll wanna go to the beach?”

Our friendship is notable because of nostalgia really. I just love her so. (Hey girl HEY)


ANYWAY, I relocated up to San Francisco and that’s where my life began. I lived there for seven god damn golden years. I’d love to tell you more, but I hate to be long winded - so let’s do that another post.




I’m a cheesehead 4lyfe.

I moved back to my home state of Wisconsin. My boyfriend at the time - who is now my guy, main squeeze, babe, boo, and husband moved with me. (It’s good to note: he is a CA guy born and raised who moved with the lady he loved to WISCONSIN.)

Wisconsin has such natural beauty and is enriched in silly traditions. These things have provided me with constant inspiration. 

Home. Paper. Apparel. In those three categories I’ve found a way to connect with people. Whether it be a motto they didn’t know they lived by or something special for a faraway friend, there’s a feeling that’s evoked. 

I hope you connect with something makes you smile while you're here. xo, 🤘🏻.

Kayla Tafoya