Let's start here.

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R A W W R R R. Y O.

People often ask me, how did you start? So that's where I'll start for ya.

I always say - things started on Etsy with a Wisconsin state pillow - green and yellow swirl onto natural cotton with a hand sewn closure. 

But, it really started a long long time ago. I've always been a creative person. I have that scrappy, give me anything and I'll make something kind of spirit. As a kid, I was always making something. I would be just fine, if not super pleased to just be sitting doodling with a pencil and paper. Super long story short...

It was the pillow. That's what really gave life to my "womanprenuership".

And, it wasn't really until a few years ago that things started to take shape into a small business.  



I'm a Wisconsin lady born and raised. I spent most of my 20s in California where I went to college in San Francisco. I studied both Fashion and Textile design. I loved living out there - I developed a lot as a person and really got a grip for my own artistic style. Mad love to those fresh eyed golden years ✨

Now, I'm back in my home state. I live in Milwaukee, WI with my Californian husband in an adorable Cape Cod house. 

I create + operate out of the unfinished basement. (see recent press, here

Home. Paper. Apparel. In those three categories I’ve found a way to connect with people. Whether it be a motto they didn’t know they lived by or something special for a faraway friend, there’s a feeling that’s evoked. 

I hope you connect with something that makes you smile while you're here.